An important part of our mission is to help you serve God by serving others as you use the gifts and abilities He has given you.

Jesus said of himself, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve."  And in a act of humility as he was serving his disciples by washing their feet he said, "I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you."  As followers of Jesus we are called to serve others.  

God has equipped us to serve by giving each of us different talents, abilities, passions and interests.  We also benefit personally from serving in a variety of ways.  We experience a sense of joy when we help someone.  We also feel that we are more deeply part of the church family when we are using our gifts to fill a need and serve here on a regular basis.

Here are some serving opportunities available to you.  If you would be interested in any of these  please email our church office.


Be part of our Greeters Team or help at our Welcome Center.  These are some of the most important ministries of the church.  Be part of the team that helps each person feel welcome at FFMC and provide them the service they need to have a great experience while here.


This is the food and events team of the church.  Everything goes better with food, so our Church Services Team provides a very valuable ministry.  Be part of the team that helps with meal events and fellowship times.


Ushers serve in a variety of ways.  They assist people as they arrive for worship, receive offerings, and are part of our Safety Team.  Persons serving as ushers have to pass a background check and be approved by our Official Board.


Our Outreach Committee plans and carries out events designed to attract people to our church.  There are so many possibilities, so we can use a lot of help with this group.  


We value and appreciate all of the men and women who have served our country.  We count it a privilege to serve them.  Preparing care packages, helping to decorate a VA Hospital for the holidays, honoring those who have died by placing flags at cemeteries, and visiting VA patients at the hospital are just some of the ways you can serve these heroes.


Hitting the Streets is one of our ministries to the homeless population in our community.  Teams prepare food, collect clothing, blankets, coats, and other needed items and pass these out to needy persons on the streets.  This ministry provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to each person served.


Dinner Church is a ministry aimed at people who would typically not go to church on a Sunday morning under any circumstance. Whether it be their upbringing or their culture, the dinner church is aimed at people who don’t even have the transportation to come to church. Dinner church isn’t just about serving people a meal, but serving them the bread of life as well.


Do you like to use Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Snapchat? We can use people to help us keep our Social Media presence fresh and inviting.  


Each week use people to prepare our video presentations, run our digital soundboard, run video presentations, and video record our services.  If you have background or interest in these we want to hear from you.


Webb Kids is a mentoring program we have with Webb Elementary School.  Mentors meet with a child once a week, helping them with subjects directed by their classroom teacher, encouraging them, and being a positive adult presence in their lives.  Persons desiring to serve in this ministry  must pass a criminal background check and be approved by our senior pastor prior to being approved as a mentor.


The James Gang is the men's ministry of our church.  This ministry team has a two-fold purpose: (1) to assist others - primarily widows and single-mothers - with needs they face around their homes and property, and (2) to provide encouragement and accountability to the other men in the group to help them live their lives in a way that honors Jesus Christ.  Click here to visit The James Gang website.