we are free!

We've always been about freedom

Our church was founded on freedom issues.

We started about the time of the US Civil War with the original leaders of our church standing against slavery.  But our freedom stand didn't stop there.  

We believed that women and men could both serve equally in the church on all levels of leadership.  And not only that, we believed that all persons in the church - professional clergy and lay persons -  should have a voice on church matters. We also believed in freedom in worship, freedom from being consumed with possessions, and freedom for all people, rich or poor, to worship side by side and serve Jesus as brothers and sisters in Christ.

That's not a bad history.  And these freedoms still drive what we do today.

So if you like freedom, and if the things that gave us our "Free" Methodist name

resonate with you, drop by.  You know you'll be welcome here.