membership class book

This is the material we cover in our Membership Class.  Members are really partners.  Those who make the choice to become a member of the church are saying they are in agreement with our mission and will do all they can to support it through their service, prayers, and resources.

  • booklet cover and contents

  • membership questions, personal story

    Contains membership question, discussion about accepting Jesus as Savior, sanctification.

    Section One Pages

  • articles of religion

    This section lists all of the doctrinal beliefs of the Free Methodist Church.

    Section Two Pages

  • membership covenant

    Details the privileges and responsibilities of membership.  Discusses how the Free Methodist Church views the believer's relationship with God and others.

    Section Three Pages

  • goals of christian conduct

    Discusses the Free Methodist Church's expectations for how the believer lives his or her life in relationship to God and others.

    Section Four Pages

  • History and government of the FMC

    Discusses our heritage as a denomination, as well as Ferndale's own history.  Outlines how the Free Methodist Church is organized and the process for choosing leaders in the church.

    Section Five Pages

  • Request for membership

    Discusses the process for requesting to become a member of FFMC and how requests are approved.

    Section Six Pages